A reminder of the fresh tomatoes’ flavor


Tomato Paste


Size: Drums 240Kg
Tins 70gm-4.5kg / Bags 1kg -10kg
Brix 28-30%, 30-32%, 36-38%
Processing Hot Break / Cold Break
pH 4.0-4.2
A/B Value 2.0-2.2
Lycopene 50-70 Mg/100g
Packaging Bulk or Retail & Catering sizes

Concentrated Diced, Crushed Tomato Paste, from selected high quality tomatoes in Bulk “steel drums” 240Kg or Retail & Catering sizes, our products have a red color that is consistent in texture and fresh in flavor. It is packed within hours of being picked.

Chili Paste

Pure Chili Paste from Xinjiang, China one of the most famous regions for growing high quality Chili in the world.

Pizza Sauce


Our Pizza Sauce is carefully prepared from fresh tomatoes and loaded with tasty spices and herbs for great taste and smell.


Grape Leaves (Dolma)

We select the smooth bright green color Grape Leaves with the right size and texture to guarantee our customers satisfaction.

Chilli Sauce

Chili sauce is a condiment prepared from chili peppers as the primary ingredient, it may be hot,

sweet, or a combination of both. It is a dipping sauce used for different cuisines.

Whole and Diced Tomato

Size 335g – 4.5kg
Brix 4.5-5.5%
Packaging Tins & Glass Botteles

Selected from fresh red tomatoes. Packed within hours of being picked to guarantee freshness.

  • Ingredients 100% Natural Fresh Tomato & Tomato Juice

  • Size: 400g, 2.55kg, 4.5kg

  • Packaging: Glass Jar & Tins



Size: 10g – 500g
Flavor Original ketchup, Spicy ketchup, tartar ketchup, Garlic ketchup, BBQ ketchup, Bulgarian ketchup
Packaging Glass bottles, EVOH bottles and bags


Our Ketchup has a thick texture, unique taste, and flavor. It is used as a condiment with various dishes including chips/fries, burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and much more.